We now have the technology for you to be able to access member directory information on your smartphone.  You will first have to set up an account with “Realm” which is our membership software.  Once that is done, you’ll need the “Realm Connect” app on your phone to access the information.

This feature is only available for Northside Baptist Church members, and you will have to be in our membership software in the church office in order to set up an account.  You must also have a correct email address set up with the church office.  If your email address is not correct in our software, you will get an error when trying to register.

Steps to follow:

1.  Click the following link to register an account Click Here

2.  Download the Realm Connect app, open and sign in using the information from step 1.

3.  Enjoy the ability to access directory information to communicate with other church members.  You can use the smartphone app or the webpage from the button on step 1 in your web browser.